Buying A Ranch In Texas Is More Affordable Than You Think

There is good news for people looking to build a home in Texas, but that want to avoid the cookie cutter neighborhoods, HOA fees, traffic, and noise. Purchasing rural acreage in Texas is an ideal way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, while still being close to community amenities and modern conveniences. Purchasing land to use as a private ranch allows owners to build the home or structure that best suits their needs and provides space for hunting and recreational use without the restriction you’d typically find with properties closer to city centers.

Land is a long term investment

The other good news is that there are still many affordable options for people who want to move out to rural areas and build their own piece of paradise. Buying land is usually cheaper than buying an improved lot, and allows for total freedom and creativity in what you use the land for. Buying acres of land can also be a fantastic long-term investment.

Cheap Land In Hudspeth County

Hudspeth County in northwestern Texas has been known as one of the best places to find inexpensive land in the state. Here, in this 37 square mile area, you’ll find acres and acres of undeveloped land for much less than a typical car payment. This area is tucked away from the bigger cities to offer peace and quiet, but close enough to bigger communities like Sierra Blanca for modern conveniences. This area is also ideal for purchasing land because of the varying geography. From flatlands to mountain peaks, the options of what kind of land you can buy and what views you can have are endless.

Low Prices, High Potential

Buying land, especially significant acreage, may seem like a huge financial undertaking, but you’d be surprised at how affordable it really is. There are private ranch properties in the western part of Texas that require a down payment as little as $355, and payment options that bring monthly payments down to less than $200. Not only can you own a huge chunk of land for very little, but it also comes with the freedom to do with it what you would like.

Raw Land Means Less Restrictions

You could buy a few acres in a more developed area, but then be slapped with restrictions and codes that will prevent you from using the space as you wish. When you buy raw land in counties like Hudspeth, you have fewer restrictions and can use the land to build a vacation home, use for hunting, park your RV or explore on ATVs. You’re in control when you purchase ranch property in Texas.

Imagine owning all the land for as far as your eyes can see, building a dream home that overlooks the mountains, and having a quiet place to escape to when the lights and noise of the city become too much. Now imagine having this space and this freedom at a realistic and affordable rate. Buying land like this in Texas is a great long-term investment and can be the way you provide for your family for generations to come.

Don’t settle for smaller space, more rules, and a bigger price tag when you absolutely can afford breathtaking views and 20+ acres of land to call your own.