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Buying A Ranch In Texas Is More Affordable Than You Think

Buying A Ranch In Texas Is More Affordable Than You Think

There is good news for people looking to build a home in Texas, but that want to avoid the cookie cutter neighborhoods, HOA fees, traffic, and noise. Purchasing rural acreage in Texas is an ideal way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, while still being close to community amenities and modern conveniences. Purchasing land to use as a private ranch allows owners to build the home or structure that best suits their needs and provides space for hunting and recreational use without the restriction you’d typically find with properties closer to city centers.

Land is a long term investment

The other good news is that there are still many affordable options for people who want to move out to rural areas and build their own piece of paradise. Buying land is usually cheaper than buying an improved lot, and allows for total freedom and creativity in what you use the land for. Buying acres of land can also be a fantastic long-term investment.

Cheap Land In Hudspeth County

Hudspeth County in northwestern Texas has been known as one of the best places to find inexpensive land in the state. Here, in this 37 square mile area, you’ll find acres and acres of undeveloped land for much less than a typical car payment. This area is tucked away from the bigger cities to offer peace and quiet, but close enough to bigger communities like Sierra Blanca for modern conveniences. This area is also ideal for purchasing land because of the varying geography. From flatlands to mountain peaks, the options of what kind of land you can buy and what views you can have are endless.

Low Prices, High Potential

Buying land, especially significant acreage, may seem like a huge financial undertaking, but you’d be surprised at how affordable it really is. There are private ranch properties in the western part of Texas that require a down payment as little as $355, and payment options that bring monthly payments down to less than $200. Not only can you own a huge chunk of land for very little, but it also comes with the freedom to do with it what you would like.

Raw Land Means Less Restrictions

You could buy a few acres in a more developed area, but then be slapped with restrictions and codes that will prevent you from using the space as you wish. When you buy raw land in counties like Hudspeth, you have fewer restrictions and can use the land to build a vacation home, use for hunting, park your RV or explore on ATVs. You’re in control when you purchase ranch property in Texas.

Imagine owning all the land for as far as your eyes can see, building a dream home that overlooks the mountains, and having a quiet place to escape to when the lights and noise of the city become too much. Now imagine having this space and this freedom at a realistic and affordable rate. Buying land like this in Texas is a great long-term investment and can be the way you provide for your family for generations to come.

Don’t settle for smaller space, more rules, and a bigger price tag when you absolutely can afford breathtaking views and 20+ acres of land to call your own.

The Tiny House Movement Moves To West Texas

West Texas Land with Tiny Home

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but when it comes to the newest trend in minimalistic living, smaller is better. Tiny homes have swept the nation as an eco-friendly living option for those who want comfort and luxury but don’t need all of the space. The average American home is 2,600 square feet, and 1/3 to ½ of their income is dedicated to paying rent or paying down a mortgage. The Tiny House movement aims to free homeowners from the chains of mortgages and debt by providing safe and comfortable housing options for a fraction of the cost. Not only is a Tiny House less expensive to buy, but it is also significantly cheaper to maintain. Tiny Houses are not for everyone of course, as large families or people with issues with small spaces would find it hard to get used to this lifestyle. However, single millennials, retired couples, small families or couples with a sense of adventure and passion for the environment may find the Tiny House movement is the right fit.

Tiny Homes Rules And Regulations

One of the first things you need when considering downsizing to a Tiny House is the land you plan on placing it on. You need open space on which to build the home. Although they don’t take up much space, there are rules and regulations about where you can build this type of home. Zoning laws and building codes can make it difficult to find the space for a Tiny House. Some Tiny Home owners put their home on wheels and classify it as an RV, allowing them to travel with it and eliminating the need to follow city building and construction codes. However, if you want your Tiny House to stay put, you’ll have to find space that permits this kind of housing.

Texas Is An Ideal Place For Tiny Homes

Although not every state is Tiny House friendly, Texas ranks up at the top of the “Best Places To Build A Tiny House” list. Spur, Texas has named itself the Tiny House Capital of the World, and major cities like Austin and Fort Worth have relatively lax rules about Tiny House zoning requirements. Since rural areas, especially in west Texas, often have more relaxed zoning rules, more and more homeowners are buying acres of ranch property in remote areas and building their dream homes there. For people looking for an escape from the lights and traffic of a big city, buying west Texas ranch property and setting down in a Tiny House is a dream come true. Not only is it private and quiet, but it’s also eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and low maintenance.

Ranch Land And Tiny Houses

West Texas is an ideal location for the Tiny House movement, as it allows homeowners to purchase multiple acres of open land offering limitless potential for building. Owners of Tiny Homes can save time and money by setting up these smaller living spaces and focusing more on using the land for agriculture, recreation or hunting.

Purchasing land in West Texas is perfect for anyone who wants to downsize regarding housing and upgrade in terms of land, living space, and privacy.

Owning A Ranch For Hunting In West Texas

Hunting Ranch in Texas

Avid hunters across the country are tired of having to pay someone else to do what they love. And they’ve found a solution: more and more hunters and buying their own Texas ranches to have their private hunting grounds.

Hunting On Public Property Can Be Problematic

Texas offers a wide variety of game to meet the needs of every hunter. From Elk and Whitetail deer to hogs, ducks, and doves, West Texas is a true hunter’s paradise. If you don’t have your own private land to hunt on, you have to go through the process of finding a spot. It has to be an area that isn’t too popular with other hunters but also has enough game to make it enjoyable. You then have to worry about trespassing rules, licenses and additional details that take the fun out of the hunt. If you find a private property that looks ideal for hunting, you have to track down the owner and ask them for permission. It can be done, and hunters do it all the time, but it makes the process a bit more tedious.

But if you had your own space….

If you had your own ranch, you’d have a select area that you could access at any time, and you’d be sure there weren’t any other hunters there to get in your way. You could be sure that your land was far enough away from the city for optimal hunting, but close enough to the city for easy access to modern amenities. Purchasing a 20+acre land and putting a cabin on it would allow you to extend your hunting trips since you’d have a place to go home to after a long day. This would create a comfortable alternative to primitive camping, and also serve as a vacation rental during the off-seasons as well.

You Could Make Money

Having your own ranch to use for hunting is not only convenient; it could be profitable as well. For the most part, you probably plan to use your ranch for your own private hunts, but you have the option to open it up to the public as well. You could charge friends or other hunters to hunt on your land, allowing you to make a profit from your land.

More Than Just Hunting

A lot of west Texas ranches are great for hunting, but also offer a space where you can enjoy a number of additional recreational activities as well. If you’ve got some ATVs, owning tons of open space to ride them could be a great way to spend some time. Maybe you’d like to set up a pad and bring out your RV for some seasonal camping and enjoy all the peaceful privacy owning your own Texas ranch has to offer.

If you consider yourself a serious hunter, it may be time to step up your game and invest in your private ranch in Texas. Having your own private space for hunting, fishing, relaxing and exploring is a luxury that will change the way you enjoy the outdoors forever.

There’s Plenty to Do with Your Own Ranch in West Texas

West Texas Land - Owning a Ranch in Texas

When you think about owning land in Texas

, your mind probably goes to the stunning ranch house or the dream vacation getaway that you’re going to build. You may imagine acres of land for horses to roam, or simply a large piece of peace and quiet all to yourself. But buying land in Texas gives you so much more than a place to call home. It gives you your space to explore the outdoors and do the recreational activities that you enjoy so much.

Land to camp on in texas

Camping Land in Texas

Just think, if you owned land in Texas, you’d always have a place to go with friends and family to get away from the bright lights, noises, and crowds of the city. You’d have a space to call your own for the ultimate private camping experience. You could pack up your tent and fancy camping toys and head right to an open lot where you could look up at the stars and take in the fresh air. No need to pay fees, deal with overcrowding, or make reservations. Simply pack up the marshmallows and chocolates and head right to your own private campground for messy s’mores and family memories. Not only is this a perfect place for a primitive camping experience, but the town of Sierra Blanca is also just 30 minutes away, so getting to food, water and supplies could not be easier.

For those who prefer a more modern version of camping, there’s always RVing. This more glamorous version of camping gives you the adventure of camping out while offering modern conveniences like air condition and bathrooms. If you are traveling the country in your RV, you always have to plan ahead to ensure where you’re going accepts recreational vehicles. If you bring your RV to Texas often, owning land here would mean you always had a safe and open place to park.

west texas ranches, off-road land, land for camping

ATV Riding
There’s nothing worse than getting the itch to race your ATV or 4-wheeler but not having the space to do it. Owning a ranch in Texas means you always have a place to suit up and ride. Bring friends, family members or co-workers out to your private lot for a weekend of riding and make memories that last a lifetime. Chances are, the place you live now doesn’t offer 20+ acres of sprawling Texas land to explore, but these Texas ranch properties do.

Big Lots For Texas-Sized Plans

The varied landscape of these beautiful Texas ranches allows you to completely customize your experience to your lifestyle and preferences. Whether it is flat land for as far as the eye can see, or rolling hills and mountain views, buying property here, you can find the perfect lot for your Texas size dream here.

Own Texas Land

Buying Texas ranch properties is easier and more affordable than you think. For less than $200 a month, you could own a giant slice of stunning Texas property perfect for building, living, camping, riding and exploring.