Upon acceptance of the agreement for the sale of the property, the buyer is granted IMMEDIATE use of the land. The uses for the property are is broad as the owner’s imagination as there are really only a few restrictions on land use. These properties are ideal for recreational use such as camping, horses, RVing, Hunting, and can also be used as a primary, vacation, or retirement homesite. There are no county restrictions on building and land use and only a limited set of restrictive covenants to maintain the safety and quality of the subdivision and to maintain property values.
Yes. Camping is permitted four times per year for up to 30 Days at a Time provided intervals between camping is at least 60 days.
Yes. Hunting is permitted by the purchaser or landowner on the tract of land they own.
Yes. Trailers, motor homes, campers, and mobile homes are permitted provided waste facilities are self-contained and waste is disposed on a regular basis at a registered dump site.
These properties are being sold with pre-approved owner financing. There are no 3rd parties involved, Credit Checks Required, or lengthy contracts to fill out. The properties are sold on a contract for deed similar to when you purchase a car. You receive immediate access and land use while you pay it off and obtain title and full ownership of the property once it’s paid in full.
Water: Water can be obtained by drilling a well. You can also haul or purchase water which can be stored in a cistern. You own the water rights to the property, which will be conveyed to you with the purchase of your property. Power: A few of the properties we sell have power to them and it will be noted in the listing. There are power lines that run in the area and utility easements have been established in the area for the future extension of power. Many people choose to generate their own off-grid power through solar, wind, or gas generators.
Waste disposal is achieved by a septic system that would need to be installed by the buyer.
Police and fire services are provided by the county. Telephone and internet are available in the area from local utilities. What kind of road access do these properties have? There is maintained dirt road access allowing both physical and legal access to each property.
Sierra Blanca, Van Horn, and Dell City are the nearest cities with El Paso being the closest major city. These cities offer access to post offices, lodging, food, auto fuel, schools, medical cities, shopping, and entertainment.
The Sierra Blanca area receives over 300 days of sunshine per year. The climate is mild with low humidity and moderate rainfall. The average summer temperature is in the 80’s with mild winters.