Avid hunters across the country are tired of having to pay someone else to do what they love. And they’ve found a solution: more and more hunters and buying their own Texas ranches to have their private hunting grounds.

Hunting On Public Property Can Be Problematic

Texas offers a wide variety of game to meet the needs of every hunter. From Elk and Whitetail deer to hogs, ducks, and doves, West Texas is a true hunter’s paradise. If you don’t have your own private land to hunt on, you have to go through the process of finding a spot. It has to be an area that isn’t too popular with other hunters but also has enough game to make it enjoyable. You then have to worry about trespassing rules, licenses and additional details that take the fun out of the hunt. If you find a private property that looks ideal for hunting, you have to track down the owner and ask them for permission. It can be done, and hunters do it all the time, but it makes the process a bit more tedious.

But if you had your own space….

If you had your own ranch, you’d have a select area that you could access at any time, and you’d be sure there weren’t any other hunters there to get in your way. You could be sure that your land was far enough away from the city for optimal hunting, but close enough to the city for easy access to modern amenities. Purchasing a 20+acre land and putting a cabin on it would allow you to extend your hunting trips since you’d have a place to go home to after a long day. This would create a comfortable alternative to primitive camping, and also serve as a vacation rental during the off-seasons as well.

You Could Make Money

Having your own ranch to use for hunting is not only convenient; it could be profitable as well. For the most part, you probably plan to use your ranch for your own private hunts, but you have the option to open it up to the public as well. You could charge friends or other hunters to hunt on your land, allowing you to make a profit from your land.

More Than Just Hunting

A lot of west Texas ranches are great for hunting, but also offer a space where you can enjoy a number of additional recreational activities as well. If you’ve got some ATVs, owning tons of open space to ride them could be a great way to spend some time. Maybe you’d like to set up a pad and bring out your RV for some seasonal camping and enjoy all the peaceful privacy owning your own Texas ranch has to offer.

If you consider yourself a serious hunter, it may be time to step up your game and invest in your private ranch in Texas. Having your own private space for hunting, fishing, relaxing and exploring is a luxury that will change the way you enjoy the outdoors forever.