When you think about owning land in Texas

, your mind probably goes to the stunning ranch house or the dream vacation getaway that you’re going to build. You may imagine acres of land for horses to roam, or simply a large piece of peace and quiet all to yourself. But buying land in Texas gives you so much more than a place to call home. It gives you your space to explore the outdoors and do the recreational activities that you enjoy so much.

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Camping Land in Texas

Just think, if you owned land in Texas, you’d always have a place to go with friends and family to get away from the bright lights, noises, and crowds of the city. You’d have a space to call your own for the ultimate private camping experience. You could pack up your tent and fancy camping toys and head right to an open lot where you could look up at the stars and take in the fresh air. No need to pay fees, deal with overcrowding, or make reservations. Simply pack up the marshmallows and chocolates and head right to your own private campground for messy s’mores and family memories. Not only is this a perfect place for a primitive camping experience, but the town of Sierra Blanca is also just 30 minutes away, so getting to food, water and supplies could not be easier.

For those who prefer a more modern version of camping, there’s always RVing. This more glamorous version of camping gives you the adventure of camping out while offering modern conveniences like air condition and bathrooms. If you are traveling the country in your RV, you always have to plan ahead to ensure where you’re going accepts recreational vehicles. If you bring your RV to Texas often, owning land here would mean you always had a safe and open place to park.

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ATV Riding
There’s nothing worse than getting the itch to race your ATV or 4-wheeler but not having the space to do it. Owning a ranch in Texas means you always have a place to suit up and ride. Bring friends, family members or co-workers out to your private lot for a weekend of riding and make memories that last a lifetime. Chances are, the place you live now doesn’t offer 20+ acres of sprawling Texas land to explore, but these Texas ranch properties do.

Big Lots For Texas-Sized Plans

The varied landscape of these beautiful Texas ranches allows you to completely customize your experience to your lifestyle and preferences. Whether it is flat land for as far as the eye can see, or rolling hills and mountain views, buying property here, you can find the perfect lot for your Texas size dream here.

Own Texas Land

Buying Texas ranch properties is easier and more affordable than you think. For less than $200 a month, you could own a giant slice of stunning Texas property perfect for building, living, camping, riding and exploring.