They say everything is bigger in Texas, but when it comes to the newest trend in minimalistic living, smaller is better. Tiny homes have swept the nation as an eco-friendly living option for those who want comfort and luxury but don’t need all of the space. The average American home is 2,600 square feet, and 1/3 to ½ of their income is dedicated to paying rent or paying down a mortgage. The Tiny House movement aims to free homeowners from the chains of mortgages and debt by providing safe and comfortable housing options for a fraction of the cost. Not only is a Tiny House less expensive to buy, but it is also significantly cheaper to maintain. Tiny Houses are not for everyone of course, as large families or people with issues with small spaces would find it hard to get used to this lifestyle. However, single millennials, retired couples, small families or couples with a sense of adventure and passion for the environment may find the Tiny House movement is the right fit.

Tiny Homes Rules And Regulations

One of the first things you need when considering downsizing to a Tiny House is the land you plan on placing it on. You need open space on which to build the home. Although they don’t take up much space, there are rules and regulations about where you can build this type of home. Zoning laws and building codes can make it difficult to find the space for a Tiny House. Some Tiny Home owners put their home on wheels and classify it as an RV, allowing them to travel with it and eliminating the need to follow city building and construction codes. However, if you want your Tiny House to stay put, you’ll have to find space that permits this kind of housing.

Texas Is An Ideal Place For Tiny Homes

Although not every state is Tiny House friendly, Texas ranks up at the top of the “Best Places To Build A Tiny House” list. Spur, Texas has named itself the Tiny House Capital of the World, and major cities like Austin and Fort Worth have relatively lax rules about Tiny House zoning requirements. Since rural areas, especially in west Texas, often have more relaxed zoning rules, more and more homeowners are buying acres of ranch property in remote areas and building their dream homes there. For people looking for an escape from the lights and traffic of a big city, buying west Texas ranch property and setting down in a Tiny House is a dream come true. Not only is it private and quiet, but it’s also eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and low maintenance.

Ranch Land And Tiny Houses

West Texas is an ideal location for the Tiny House movement, as it allows homeowners to purchase multiple acres of open land offering limitless potential for building. Owners of Tiny Homes can save time and money by setting up these smaller living spaces and focusing more on using the land for agriculture, recreation or hunting.

Purchasing land in West Texas is perfect for anyone who wants to downsize regarding housing and upgrade in terms of land, living space, and privacy.